The Forge’s Next Incubator Cohort is Redefining Industries

January 17, 2024

In the heart of innovation, The Forge welcomes a diverse group of trailblazing companies set to redefine industries. From pioneering green hydrogen solutions to revolutionizing B2B sales coaching, each company brings a unique vision and expertise to the entrepreneurial landscape. As we introduce these emerging startups, we delve into their groundbreaking initiatives that promise to reshape the future of technology, health, fitness, and construction.

HYGN Energy Inc: Pioneering the Green Hydrogen Revolution

In the pursuit of displacing fossil fuels, HYGN Energy Inc stands at the forefront, introducing innovative green hydrogen solutions. Led by Thomas Ross, a seasoned professional with a background in engineering and finance, HYGN has developed the world’s first hydrogen and oxygen linear alternator. This patent-pending hydrogen power system allows the company to store and produce power in diverse environments with only water as exhaust, steering clear of rare earth or toxic materials.

Elevator Pitch: Gas and diesel engines are on the way out, and HYGN Energy has the solution. Their hydrogen production, storage, and electricity generation technology offer decentralized solutions in harsh and urban environments, all while being environmentally friendly and virtually entirely recyclable.

Website: HYGN Energy Inc

SalesBop Corp: Revolutionizing B2B Sales Coaching with AI

SalesBop Corp is disrupting the B2B sales coaching sector with a groundbreaking platform that provides personalized, research-backed sales coaching at scale. The team, comprising three founders with backgrounds in computer science and business, employs artificial intelligence to analyze sales transcripts and deliver context-specific coaching. Their platform not only enhances individual sales performance but also provides valuable insights for managers to uplift their teams.

Elevator Pitch: SalesBop addresses the gap in formal sales training for B2B professionals, offering AI-powered, on-demand coaching after each sales call. With a fraction of the cost compared to traditional coaching, SalesBop is a game-changer for SMBs seeking efficient sales coaching.

Website: SalesBop Corp

Croak Solutions: Navigating End-of-Life Planning with Ease

Croak Solutions, founded by Dr. Shoots, an experienced emergency physician, aims to ease the burden of end-of-life decision-making. This digital companion guides users through every facet, from health matters to sentimental details, ensuring comprehensive planning. What sets Croak apart is its emphasis on bridging communication gaps within families, sending instant summaries to loved ones.

Elevator Pitch: is the user-friendly platform making end-of-life planning seamless. Users outline detailed wishes, and Croak instantly communicates them to loved ones, reducing stress and potential conflicts.

Website: Croak Solutions

Fitsentive: Motivating Fitness Through Rewards

Fitsentive, the free workout app, redefines fitness motivation by rewarding users for every completed workout. Unlike other fitness apps, Fitsentive goes beyond tracking and videos, offering tangible rewards like gift cards and cash. With a diverse range of workouts and instructors, Fitsentive provides a unique and engaging fitness experience.

Elevator Pitch: Fitsentive Freely motivates users through rewards for every workout, offering a diverse range of on-demand workouts from experienced instructors.

Website: Fitsentive

Grapl Inc: Revolutionizing Home Construction with Sustainable Precision

Grapl Inc is at the forefront of transforming the construction industry, focusing on affordability and sustainability. The company designs reusable panels for rapid home development, utilizing proprietary material science and a magnetic fastening system. With a commitment to delivering precision-designed, production-ready homes at a more affordable price, Grapl is currently exploring opportunities for strategic partnerships to expedite its transition to an independent manufacturing facility.

Elevator Pitch: Grapl’s innovative approach connects materials through proprietary magnetic fasteners, significantly reducing build times and costs while maintaining a high standard of quality in home construction.

Website: Grapl Inc

Protagonist Health: Empowering Women’s Health with Personalized Insights

Protagonist Health is transforming women’s health with a personalized behavioral insights application. Collecting micro-behavioral information and employing gamification, the app helps users understand and act on their health data. Built for women, by women, Protagonist Health is committed to expanding its impact and enhancing its prototype through ongoing research and development.

Elevator Pitch: Protagonist Health’s digital health application connects behavioral data and physical activity, utilizing gamification to help users understand and act on their health data.

Website: Protagonist Health