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Sougata Pahari, Korechi Innovations The future of precision agriculture is being developed right here at The Forge. Korechi Innovations' signature product is RoamIO, a robot for farmers and vineyard owners that will save them time and money. Learn More
Matt Sheridan, Nix Color Sensor The Nix Color Sensor was named one of entrepreneur.com's "4 Cool Gifts for Tech Gifts" for 2018. Nix was named one of Canada's Startup Top 50 Growth Companies for 2018. Learn More
Anita Grant, Fleeky Fleeky is an online platform that connects beauty professionals with beauty seekers. Fleeky won the Hamilton Builder Award at the 2018 Lion's Lair Startup Competition. Learn More
Mitch Wilson, Mariner Endosurgery This FDA-approved medical device company is making waves in the healthcare industry and increasing safety for patients with their novel imaging system for laparoscopic surgeries. Learn More
Joshua Lombardo-Bottema, GoWrench Auto The "Uber of Auto Repair" - GoWrench Auto brings mechanic excellence straight to your door. GoWrench currently serves several major Canadian cities and raised over $500,000 of investment in 2018. Learn more

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Compete at the 2019 Student Startup Competition for $100,000 in cash prizes and garanteed entry into The Forge Summer Startup Academy

Applications close February 20, 2019

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