Experience Ventures

Experience Ventures allows McMaster University students to make an impact alongside real-world innovators through entrepreneurial placements working with startup companies at The Forge.

Students receive meaningful work experience, one-on-one mentorship related to their field of study, and a $825 stipend.

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Program Inquiries

How it works:

  • Students are hired for an 80-hour experiential learning placement with a Forge startup.
  • Experience Ventures opportunities are structured and short-term experiences that complement the student’s academic study area and fit within their busy schedule.
  • Forge startups hire students in areas where support is needed most and the founders mentor the student as they work on their project.
  • Project areas of focus include marketing, sales, business development, engineering (software/hardware), market research, web design, graphic design, etc

Student Eligibility:

Any student from any discipline and faculty registered in a Canadian college and university who is:

  • A Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial or territorial legislation and regulations.
  • Enrolled in any full- or part-time program of post-secondary study.


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Learn more about the program at Experience Ventures.

Hear from Previous Participants

Eseoghene Orogun – School of Graduate Studies – Kinesiology THS

The most important concept I learned about entrepreneurial thinking through this experience is the need for taking initiative and holding oneself accountable. When working with an entrepreneur or as an entrepreneur, there is not always someone in charge of you or giving you instructions and deadlines. It is up to the entrepreneur themselves to hold themselves accountable for completing any aspects of the project in a timely enough manner to keep up momentum. Taking initiative and being proactive also helps to avoid any unforeseen issues and maintain productivity.  The aspect that I found most relevant was helping me prepare for my future career and self-directiveness and exposure to the industry. Having to set my own deadlines gave me a healthy perspective and was new to me, as others were relying on me.

Monica Malek – School of Graduate Studies – Biomedical Engineering

The most relevant aspects of this experience that will help me prepare for my career is resilience and the ability to communicate and network with others. Networking is the most important part of creating opportunities either for a startup or for my personal career. Resilience is just as important as not everyone will see your skills as valuable, but with the right opportunity and company there is always an opportunity but dealing with dead ends and rejections can be very discouraging.

Md Farhan Rahman - Faculty of Engineering - Software Engineering

I now have a new perspective regarding the career path and it allowed me to enjoy my work even more, so I intend on taking this experience and growing with it and from it in all my future experiences.