Zentrela receives $850K to build scientific database of cannabis product effects

February 11, 2021

On February 11, 2021, The Forge alumnus, Zentrela Inc. announced that it has completed an $850K seed funding round led by Jornic Ventures, a Calgary-based firm investing in innovative technology. Zentrela is advancing the understanding of the effects recreational cannabis use has on the brain. The investment will be used to further commercialize Zentrela’s proprietary EEG test for cannabis impairment and create the world’s largest scientific database of cannabis product effects. Zentrela’s neuroscience research methodology to measure drug effects over time was independently validated in a clinical research trial conducted by KGK Science Inc. In 2019, the Canadian neurotech start-up raised $1.2M in funding from the Ontario Brain Institute and various government agencies to fund prototype development and clinical trials.

The neuroscience of cannabis is advancing quickly at pace with the speed of deregulation, as government regulators, license producers, drug testing experts, law enforcement officials, and recreational cannabis users seek to better understand the effects of cannabis on the brain.

“Our research has already identified several proprietary signatures related to how cannabis impacts the brain. We are now cataloguing the entire universe of effects for Cannabis 2.0 products. This goldmine of data will help unlock new insights and opportunities for licensed producers and enable cannabis consumers to make more informed purchase decisions to ensure responsible and enjoyable cannabis use,” says Israel Gasperin, Zentrela CEO and founder.

“We expect innovative cannabis 2.0 products will trigger the next wave of growth in the cannabis sector, especially as US markets continue to deregulate and the prospect of national US legalization becomes more real,” says Richard Sansom, President of Jornic Ventures. “Zentrela’s unique and scalable neuroscience-based methodology solves a major challenge for the industry and promises to provide a rapidly growing universe of cannabis users with the information they demand and need safe and enjoyable cannabis use.”

Zentrela’s approach combines proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms with deep neuroscience expertise to decode electrical brain activity and convert it into reliable and meaningful information.

“The potential for neuroscience has exploded as artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have matured. We can now isolate neural ‘signatures’ of product effects and use that information rapidly to accelerate the process of mapping specific cannabis product effects for consumers,” says Gasperin.

Read the original press release published on January 11, 2021, on Cesion Canada’s website: Neurotech Start-Up Zentrela Announces $850K in Seed Funding to Build the World’s Largest Scientific Database of Cannabis Product Effects

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