Welcome Business Incubator program September 2021 Cohort

September 18, 2021

On September 13, 2021, The Forge welcomed four novel and scalable startups to the Business Incubator program: EmergConnect Inc., InCharge Inc., Toques From The Heart and Ice3. The program is a limited-enrollment program for early-stage startups, whose founders are past the business idea stage and have launched their startup to the market or have a prototype. The Forge expert mentors and staff will work with the startups to assist them grow, develop, and succeed. Alumni of this program include software, hardware, IoT, medical devices, healthcare IT, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and consumer products companies.



Meet our new clients:

EmergConnect Inc.

Emergconnect has created a first of its kind patient-facing mobile platform that acts as a digital ‘front door’ for patient’s seeking same day care. EmergConnect allows patients to register, meaningfully triage, get an individualized prediction of their wait time at home before arriving at the ED of their choice while being directed to the care that best suits their needs. EmergConnect is currently working with Sunnybrook Health Sciences, St. Josephs Healthcare Hamilton and William Osler Health System.

InCharge Inc.

We make personal finances simple for you to understand and easy to implement with the 5 Key Pillars of Personal Finances. Our comprehensive approach gives you the power to make important decisions, plan for your future and helps you build a strong financial foundation.

Toques From The Heart

Toques From The Heart is a social enterprise with the mission to keep Canadians warm, one toque at a time. We have created an easy way for Canadians to support those in our country that are experiencing homelessness. Through our buy a toque give a toque program we promise to our customers that they will receive a warm, fashionable and comfortable toque, and for every toque they buy we donate one to one of our partnered Charities and Non-Profit organizations. We have a goal to donate 35,000 toques to Canadians experiencing homelessness as that is the number of Canadians that are on the streets on any given night. We have created a lineup of toques that cater to our target audiences tastes and what they need from a toque.


Ice3 is revolutionizing the way we think about ice, creating a new branding medium. ICE3 can place company logos or other information on ice. The branded ice products are popular among high end bars, in weddings and events.