VoxNeuro featured on CBC’s Marketplace 

January 26, 2021

On January 26, 2021, VoxNeuro’s breakthrough neurotechnology was covered on CBC’s Marketplace. The feature highlighted Susie Goulding, founder of COVID Long-Haulers Support Group Canada, who created the group when it became clear her lasting symptoms from COVID-19 were going to have a big impact on her life.

After facing multiple dead ends for answers and options for treatment within the public healthcare system, Goulding took her health into her own hands turning to VoxNeuro for further analysis. VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessment™ confirmed she was experiencing severe deficiencies in multiple core brain functions.

The team at Pillars of Wellness, one of VoxNeuro’s Test Centres and Treatment Providers, recommended rehabilitation including cognitive exercises to target the areas of deficiencies identified in her report. Armed with evidence that her beliefs were correct, that COVID-19 had definitively impacted her brain, Goulding is using the objective data provided in her report to help advocate for her health and track her progress.

VoxNeuro and their clinical network are leading the way in serving the long-COVID community, to provide long-haul COVID patients and healthcare providers fast and precise data measurements of brain health to streamline paths to recovery.

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Read the article by CBC Marketplace published on Jan 23, 2021.