VoxNeuro and UHN to Launch Concussion Study

September 30, 2020

VoxNeuro, an alumnus of The Forge, has signed an agreement with The Kite Research Institute (KITE) to complete a multi-month study at The Hull-Ellis Concussion and Research Clinic. KITE is the research arm of Toronto Rehab – University Health Network (UHN). The study, launched on September 30, 2020, will follow concussed patients through their treatment and recovery. The initiative will utilize VoxNeuro’s breakthrough neurotechnology, the Cognitive Health Assessment™, to inform the Concussion Clinic’s industry-leading concussion protocols with actionable data on cognitive function. UHN will utilize VoxNeuro’s neurotechnology to generate objective quantifiable data to study the improvement in all core brain functions. Read more.

The study is led by Dr. Mark Bayley, Program Medical Director of Toronto Rehab, and senior scientist at KITE, and Dr. John Connolly, a world-renowned neuroscientist, co-founder & chief science officer at VoxNeuro.

Read the full press release on VoxNeuro’s website here.