Two Forge startups dare to enter the LiONS LAIR

June 9, 2021

On June 9, 2021, the Hamilton-based startups Admass and Axcessiom Technologies Inc., were selected as finalists in Innovation Factory’s “LiONS LAIR Pitch Madness” competition. AdMass, The Forge client, offers a quick way for companies to connect with creators who help increase sales and trust in their brand. Axcessiom Technologies, The Forge alumnus, has developed an advanced driver assistance system that uses facial gesture recognition technology to provide drivers with disabilities a safer, simpler, and more affordable way of driving a vehicle. The premier pitch competition is celebrating its 11th anniversary in 2021 and will give up-and-coming entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business to a panel of Hamilton’s top business experts and investors on September 23, 2021.

Admass and Axcessiom Technologies will continue to the final round of the pitch competition alongside 14 other startups in a virtual bracket-style tournament.

“We are honoured to be accepted as a finalist in the LiONS LAIR, and to compete alongside such innovative companies,” said Yuri Kaplan, founder and CEO of Admass.  “We look forward to taking this step along our journey of improving the world through honest, trustworthy, and innovative advertising solutions.”

“We look forward to pitching in LiONS LAIR,” said Hanna Haponenko, heading product design and operations at Axcessiom Technologies. “Our core philosophy is that technology has the power to improve our world, but too often innovations are not created for people with disabilities in mind. Axcessiom is closing that gap.”

Read the press release by Innovation Factory on the LiONS LAIR website, published on June 9, 2021.