QReserve is Offering New Tools to Ensure Physical Distancing Amid Pandemic

July 28, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique set of challenges for organizations around the globe, that must develop strategies quickly for bringing workers back to the office while maintaining physical distancing as a precautionary measure. The Forge alumnus, QReserve Inc., will simplify and streamline this planning process for numerous organizations. QReserve has announced that they will work with Ottawa Markets to pilot a density management solution that uses low-power sensors to track occupancy and usage patterns in the ByWard Market Building. The sensors will anonymously detect motion and heat-based signatures to deliver in-depth insights on high-traffic locations within the building. The aim of the pilot is to complete a scalable solution that facilitates physical distancing measures.

“When new COVID-19 related requirements started to be asked for by new and existing customers, we evaluated how our technology can help and where we could enhance our technology to help even more. Through the dedicated work of our team to creatively solve problems and discover new opportunities, we are now applying QReserve’s tech to thousands of new users and in applications not previously conceived of.¬† I’m proud of our team for developing such a versatile and powerful solution!” said Brandon Aubie CEO and co-founder of QReserve.

QReserve has also adapted its resource scheduling platform in order to meet the changing needs of its clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. New features within its software platforms provide clients with the ability to set occupancy limits for spaces or capacity restrictions for each of their resources, view activity reports managing contact tracing, live maps to provide real-time activity and capacity information, and set up employee schedules to limit the number of people within a space. Users can also check-in and out of locations using contactless kiosks and QR codes to safely track the whereabouts of people and better understand how spaces and equipment are being used.

QReserve provides software platforms to help people manage and access tools and resources. QReserve provides Smart Solutions to Manage Resources such as equipment booking, lending, sharing, showcasing, and reporting software for labs, small businesses, and large enterprises.