PULSE Lifesaving Receives $29K Funding and is Hiring AR Developers

July 17, 2020

Congratulations to PULSE Lifesaving, The Forge client, for receiving funding from two funding programs totaling $29K, a majority of the funding will go towards hiring two skilled AR Developers. PULSE is an educational technology company and accredited lifesaving and first aid training provider developing innovative new ways to train a workforce remotely using augmented reality. PULSE received $24K from the Canada-Ontario Jobs Grant (COJG), which provides direct financial support to employers who want to purchase short-term training to existing and new employees. In addition, PULSE received $5K from the Hamilton Business Centre’s Starter Company Plus, offering training and a mentoring program for businesses less than 1 year in age.

“Training will be fully subsidized through the COJG training and employment program. This represents the beginning of a larger strategic partnership between PULSE Lifesaving, Mohawk College’s graduate certificate program in AR/VR Multimedia Production and EON Reality, to support the collaborative training of staff and applied research within our organization”, said Dawson Lucier, CEO and co-founder of PULSE The Starter Company Plus program has also been a valuable experience for mentoring and financially supporting our early expansion. These two programs come at an exciting time for our organization as our development continues to ramp-up. We’re thrilled to report on these two recent funding announcements.”