Alexander Morsink

Alexander Morsink is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of Equivesto, a Canadian equity crowdfunding platform. In addition, Alexander is the Ultimate Designated Person and a Dealing Representative of Equivesto’s Exempt Market Dealer Subsidiary.

Before founding Equivesto, Alexander worked for several years at Scotiabank in both Corporate Banking and Commercial Banking, with some experience from Private Equity thrown in for good measure. Alexander has a Bachelor of Commerce from Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

Alex is passionate about Canadian startups and small business. The ‘why’ behind Equivesto is all about improving access for both companies and investors to exciting opportunities, and changing the way businesses succeed. Alex understands the challenge of getting Angel or VC funding, with such a small percentage of companies raising capital that way, and knows that the success of your business shouldn’t depend on knowing the right people or looking a certain way. As part of his efforts to support Canadian entrepreneurs, Alex has presented at several Universities across Canada on this topic and is often a guest judge at pitch competitions across Canada including The CNE Emerging Innovators, Business in the Streets, and is a perennial feature of TorontoStarts events.