Longan Vision wins XR Award for Best Augmented Reality Solution

May 26, 2022

Longan Vision, developing smart technology for first responders, has won an XR Award for the Best Augmented Reality Solution. The Forge client’s Fusion Vision System (FVS) combines thermal imaging and augmented reality (AR) to enhance the vision of first responders within smoke-filled environments. The XR Awards, hosted by XR Today, is a global awards event that celebrates virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and metaverse technology innovation, and industry success. The awards aim to distinguish the most innovative vendors from across the extended reality (XR) marketplace.

Longan Vision has been working with first responders across Canada, the United States, and Japan for over three years to bring their Fusion Vision System (FVS), a hands-free helmet-mounted thermal imager to the market. The imager can be mounted on a variety of helmets and uses Augmented Reality to display information to the user, as well as enhanced vision in dark and smoky environments.

“It is a great honour for XR Today to receive the Best Augmented Reality solution award!” said Enzo Jia, co-founder of Longan Vision. “It gives us confidence that our technology is headed in the right direction regarding XR implementation. I want to thank our Longan Vision team for making this award possible, by spending countless hours on design and market validation.”

Watch the XR Awards Ceremony announcement for the Best Augmented Reality Solution: