KitchenFuel Begins a New Chapter in Partnering with Restaurants as a Food Service and Meal Prep Software Provider

October 3, 2022

KitchenFuel launched as an aid to meal prep companies struggling to grow and scale efficiently but is now setting its sights on new verticals and expansion opportunities.

They have established an overhauled system and expanded from use in the United States and Canada into global markets like Vietnam.

Now they are flipping the page on the recipe book of success and partnering with restaurants to fulfill every aspiration they have as a full-suite food service provider.

Thanks to a diverse platform offering a compressive toolkit for growth, their cost-efficiency and service standards put them well above the rest. Prioritizing long-term partnerships with innovation and growth in mind, KitchenFuel is fast becoming a favourite platform of restaurant owners and meal prep providers alike.

For owner Christopher Luxton, the drive behind a new platform was not just to improve KitchenFuel’s comprehensive technology, but to position KitchenFuel as a partner to restaurants and caterers in addition to their foothold in the meal prep industry.

“A lot of our competitors have great backend software, but they don’t position themselves as partners to food businesses. They just give you the software and say, ‘Figure it out on your own.’  KitchenFuel is launching a completely overhauled system that is built to be your virtual sous chef and help you make critical business decisions.  And most of the tools that we’ve been launching are all built around helping businesses grow,” explained Luxton.

In addition to streamlining the administrative side of a meal prep business through seamless integrations, the new-look KitchenFuel helps businesses with marketing themselves. With automated email and SMS campaigns, KitchenFuel works to maximize customer retention and business growth for partnering food businesses without having to hire an outside agency.

KitchenFuel’s global growth demonstrates the systems in place to support translations, currencies, and different payment integrations. And the expansion into the international marketplace showcases what they do better than anyone else: versatility in meal prep application.

“We expanded into Vietnam and other Asian markets earlier this year and it’s a totally different consumer demand. There’s a lot of appetite for ‘tiffin’ services, but we’re pioneering the bulk meal delivery model with a great new partner. The features KitchenFuel offers to service meal prep are complex and capable of diversifying. Meal prep software is the core, but the features of the platform offer value for all kinds of food businesses,” said Luxton.

KitchenFuel’s relaunch offers an all-in-one food service software, with expanded applications that don’t come at the expense of its meal prep proficiency.

Now, whether restaurants and caterers are offering meal prep delivery or not, they will find applications and a business partner in KitchenFuel.

“Restaurants have super low downtime during peak hours, yet kitchen utilization rates are through the floor, and you may only use your kitchen 50 percent of the day. Restaurants can become meal prep companies on the side if they want to diversify their revenue streams and turn their lowest sales day into their leader. Whether they choose to do so or not, KitchenFuel’s software is set up so that it can support a one-off catering order, displaying dynamic menus, reservation integrations like OpenTable or embedding your social media channels. The expansion we offer uses the same tools to support meal prep, restaurants, caterers, ghost kitchens, or any other new establishment or idea that comes out,” said Luxton.

With the platform relaunch, KitchenFuel’s new chapter begins. The new chapter is marked by innovation, growth, versatility, and viable partnering options with all food businesses.

KitchenFuel is a client at The Forge – a business incubator funded by McMaster University, providing hands-on support to founders with novel business ideas in the Hamilton, Greater Toronto, and Niagara Regions to grow their ventures. Luxton graduated from McMaster University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree and also served as the Varsity Soccer Captain.

“The Forge has really helped amp up our expansion, and they have really helped us grow into new territories,” said Luxton. “Their support and efforts mean the world to us, and we are all working hard to grow together. I encourage anyone who has a novel startup to join The Forge – they will help everyone grow to new heights.”