Jetson Infinity is a Robotic Learning Tool for the Next Generation of Problem Solvers

February 20, 2024
Jetson Infinity's robotic arm

From self-driving electric vehicles, interstellar space exploration to building “smart cities” around the globe, the demand for innovation and technology to keep pace with our world’s changing times continues to expand.

But to keep pace with these growing needs, our young students in sciences, engineering and technology must be provided with the tools and skillsets to meet those demands.

One of the newest and most innovative learning tools, the Jetson Infinity Robotic Arm experience, has recently been developed by Hamilton entrepreneur Michael Jobity. 

Jobity is a graduate of the McMaster University Engineering Physics and Management Program, and is a member of The Forge, a McMaster University funded business incubator, who created the Jetson Infinity Robotic Arm learning experience in response to the growing demand for educational tools to help children and young adults learn coding and develop engineering skills.

The Jetson Infinity Robotic Arm is a student-friendly tool that is simply plugged into their laptop. Downloading robotic apps from the Jetson App Store or even making their own apps allow even the newest students to begin using the robotic arm to start to solve day-to-day problems.

“Essentially, it’s a general-purpose robotic arm that can be used for a multitude of different applications,” says Jobity during an interview. “You basically plug it into your laptop, and then you are good to go.”

Jobity explains that “whether you are new to the world of coding, or an expert, Jetson Infinity and its robotic arm can help you find a solution. Our interactive, industry-themed learning modules cover a spectrum of applications including space robotics, autonomous vehicles, animatronics, AI, and more! Some of my favorites include scenarios where students are controlling the robotic arm like the Canadarm in space or aiding neurosurgeons in medical procedures. Ultimately, we are preparing students for careers of the future.”

From left to right:  Mariam Al-Ehamed - Program Coordinator; Michael Jobity - CEO & Founder; and Matthew Huynh - National Program Manager.
From left to right:  Mariam Al-Ehamed – Program Coordinator; Michael Jobity – CEO & Founder; and Matthew Huynh – National Program Manager.

One of the greatest barriers to a young student entering the world of technology is acquiring the necessary skillsets, and Jobity sees a great potential for growth as more education funding gets dedicated to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

He is also excited to see what the new generation of thinkers come up with via his new technology.

“My ultimate goal is to have a student develop some revolutionary technology,” says Jobity. “And when they’re asked, ‘so when did you become inspired by this?’ They’ll say, “Oh, I had the Jetson Infinity Robotic Arm.”

In addition to providing the robotic arm, Jetson Infinity also works with clients to help implement this incredible tool into existing curriculums, and collaboratively develops educational modules where the arm can be used in control systems, coding algorithms in Python, and creative design.

Jetson Infinity has made significant strides, reaching schools across every province and territory in Canada, and has expanded its reach to many clients in the United States, Europe, and South America, marking a milestone in its mission to revolutionize STEM education globally.

One exciting collaboration that stands out for Jobity, is an ambitious Canada-wide project series in collaboration with FIRST Robotics Canada, a world-leading youth organization that prepares young people for the future through STEM education, and operates multiple competitions, including the globally-recognized FIRST Robotics Competition. Named Warp Drive, Future Drive, and RoboGalaxy, these projects involve distributing an extraordinary volume of portable robotic arms to schools across Canada. Over 30,000 students will be exposed to hands-on science and engineering, preparing them for careers of the future. This initiative marks a significant milestone as portable robotic arms become commonplace tools for Canadian students.

“I actually participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition as a high school student and it is an amazing feeling to now work with FIRST to inspire the next generation of problem solvers across many Canadian high schools,” says Jobity.

Jobity is extremely proud that Jetson Infinity’s Robotic Arm is currently being used in over 500 schools across Canada and the United States, with their robotic arms traveling over 450,000 KM in Q4 of 2023 alone.

The Jetson Infinity Robotic Arm is an incredible resource for every student to add to their toolkit, giving them a skillset that is in great demand. The Jetson Infinity Robotic Arm will enable them to discover solutions to real-world issues using the most technologically advanced tools. 

Visit Jetson Infinity today and discover how they are helping students at all levels on the innovation front: