Innovation Minor Lecture Series: Aly Orady ’98

October 25, 2022
Innovation Minor Lecture Series: Aly Orady '98

Meet Aly Orady, BEng ’98 and learn about his journey to becoming CEO and founder of Tonal, an innovative in-home smart gym.

October 27, 2022
7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.
Peter George Centre for Living & Learning (PGCLL) B138

Tonal, the world’s most intelligent fitness system, grew rapidly during the pandemic and has established relationships with superstar athlete-entrepreneurs like Serena Williams, Lebron James and Stephen Curry.

Inspired by his own quest for better health and fitness, Aly sees Tonal as more than a business venture.

“It’s truly the opportunity to change people’s lives,” he says. “And that came out of a place where what I personally did in health and fitness changed my life. … I had an epiphany and I realized that I could unlock something and really change people’s lives. … That’s the motivation. There are much simpler ways to make money.” 

A 20-year silicon valley veteran, engineer and serial entrepreneur, Orady started his career at Hewlett-Packard’s Computer Systems Laboratory designing super-computers, followed by technical leadership roles at a series of startups, including Kealia, Inc.

Prior to Tonal, he founded Pano Logic where he served as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and oversaw core technology development, architecture, and patents. Orady holds an M.S.E.E from Stanford and a B.Eng. from McMaster University.

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** This talk is part of an ongoing lecture series within McMaster University’s Innovation Minor, a joint program between the Faculty of Engineering and the DeGroote School of Business in partnership with The Forge, McMaster’s start-up incubator.**