Innovating the Future: Meet the New Wave of Startups at The Forge

November 1, 2023

This fall, we’re welcoming a fresh cohort of innovative companies ready to make significant strides in their respective fields. From tackling heart failure to revolutionizing real estate management, these startups showcase the entrepreneurial spirit and technical prowess that The Forge aims to foster. Let’s dive into these promising ventures that make up this exciting new cohort.

CorLibra: Empowering Seniors to Champion Their Heart Health

Dr. Catherine Demers, a seasoned cardiologist and Professor at McMaster’s Faculty of Health Sciences, founded CorLibra to address the chronic issue of heart failure affecting over 750,000 Canadians. CorLibra’s unique software acts as a medical device, enabling seniors to monitor their heart condition daily in the comfort of their homes. With a dedicated team and a strong interest from provincial health care systems, CorLibra is on a quest for pre-seed/seed funding to refine their prototype into a market-ready, Health Canada approved solution.

GrowDoc App Inc: Transforming Agriculture Through AI

With a vision to revolutionize agriculture, GrowDoc, led by seasoned startup builder Daniel Lirette, employs cutting-edge AI to diagnose plant diseases using just a smartphone camera. This AgriTech venture stands out with its intuitive, affordable, and eco-friendly solution, garnering a rapidly expanding user base. As GrowDoc scales, the team is seeking pre-seed investment and mentorship to further refine their AI and machine learning capabilities.

BASL Inc.: Streamlining Real Estate Operations

In a bid to redefine real estate management, co-founders Gihan Fonseka and Matthew Regan introduced BASL Inc. Their innovative platform consolidates various tools, simplifying transaction management and fostering seamless collaboration among real estate professionals. By offering powerful insights and analytics, BASL Inc. empowers realtors to make data-driven decisions, elevating their efficiency and productivity.

Chini: Personalizing Tutoring Through Meaningful Matches
Chini’s co-founders, Graham Morrison and Aaron Roodhart, recognized the challenges students face in finding effective tutoring. Their unique matching algorithm pairs students with tutors based on academic qualifications, shared interests, and career paths, ensuring a personalized and enriching learning experience.

Gravvity Group Inc.: Redefining Online Shopping Experience
Established in 2019 by Jerry Chien Mi, Gravvity Group Inc. aims to inject excitement into online shopping. Their no-code, self-serve 3D commerce platform allows retailers to create AI-generated 3D shops quickly and cost-effectively, addressing the industry’s weak customer engagement and conversion issues.

As we look at this new cohort of startups, we can’t help but feel inspired by the creativity, innovation, and passion that these entrepreneurs bring to the table. The Forge at McMaster University continues to be a driving force in fostering these groundbreaking ventures, and we eagerly anticipate the impact they will have on their respective industries and beyond. The future of technology and entrepreneurship is brighter because of these companies and their relentless pursuit of excellence.