Our Team

Dr. Gay Yuyitung
Acting Director

Gay Yuyitung is the Acting Director at The Forge and Executive Director of McMaster Industry Liaison Office (MILO)….

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Riley Moynes
Incubator Manager

Riley joins The Forge from the Innovation Factory, where he was a Client Services Manager. Riley is…

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Mariya Leslie
Manager, Student Entrepreneurship

Mariya Leslie is the Manager of Student Entrepreneurship at McMaster University, where she focuses on helping campus…

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Jessica Rudden
Program Coordinator

Jessica is The Forge’s office & finance manager and ensures that operations run smoothly. She joined The…

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Elina Ojanen
Communication & Events Manager

Elina Ojanen is the Communications and Events Manager at The Forge. Every day she showcases clients’ key…

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Marissa Principato
Communications & Events Coordinator

Marissa Principato is the Communications & Events Coordinator for The Forge. She oversees our social media profiles…

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Tancred Yip
Volunteer Coordinator & Makerspace Technical Lead

Tancred Yip is The Forge’s Volunteer Coordinator & Makerspace Technical Lead. He helps The Forge startups connect…

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Julian Lombardi
Program Support Assistant

Julian Lombardi is The Forge’s Program Support Assistant, helping the Marketing Team with digital media, social media…

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Sumanya Gulati
Program Support Assistant

Sumanya Gulati is The Forge and Student Success Centre’s Program Support Assistant, where she carries out various…

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