Five Forge Companies to Support Over the Holidays

December 7, 2021

With the Holiday season fast approaching, it’s never too late to support small businesses in your own community. To make your shopping easier, we’ve put together a list of small businesses that just might have the perfect gift for that special someone on your list.

Give the gift of warmth with Toques from the Heart

Toques from the Heart is a social enterprise with the mission to keep Canadians warm, one toque at a time. We have created an easy way for Canadians to support those in our country that are experiencing homelessness. Through our buy a toque give a toque program we promise to our customers that they will receive a warm, fashionable and comfortable toque, and for every toque they buy we donate one to one of our partnered Charities and Non-Profit organizations.

We have a goal to donate 35,000 toques to Canadians experiencing homelessness as that is the number of Canadians that are on the streets on any given night. We have created a lineup of toques that cater to our target audiences tastes and what they need from a toque. We are a team of three dedicated Commerce students who are putting our degrees and entrepreneurial spirits towards a cause that is very important to us and has been the inspiration behind our brand.

Shop the newly released Merino Wool line, pick up the perfect hockey team toque for the sports fan in your life, or shop the classic toque line.

Give the gift of sport with Boardball

No net? No problem.

Rallying 11 of your friends and finding an open court isn’t always an easy thing to do. Boardball™ lowers the barriers to playing volleyball – all you need is a board, a ball, and three other people. Whether you want to play at the beach, park, gym, or your own backyard, our boards are compact and portable, so you can play anytime, anywhere!

Boardball is a new, dynamic, and competitive volleyball-based game. Instead of a net, you use a board that’s durable, compact and easy to set up. The game is played two against two, and you can move anywhere around the board without losing that bump, set, spike that you love. No more searching for courts or setting up bulky nets, with boardball you can take volleyball wherever you go.

Grab a Boardball set for the sports-fanatic in your life before it’s too late!

Give the gift of learning with 2unify

2unify is the technology company behind the international award-winning robotic guitar tuning stand, built on the principles of automation and computer vision for musicians worldwide.

On a mission to bring the future to the present day, 2unify is now offering portable robotic arm kits to schools and STEM institutions, to build hands-on learning and coding competencies in a time of remote work.

2unify’s robotic arms are easily programmable and can be used for your business needs. For STEM and education programs, students will develop skills in control systems, coding algorithms, creative design, and robotics. As a team of engineers, 2unify is able to offer technology that has direct parallels to prestigious Engineering programs.

One robotic arm kit includes the following:

  • One robotic arm:
  • 5 degrees of freedom, user-friendly, full rotation, high precision
  • Programmable software (Python & Lobot)
  • Instruction manual & coding techniques
  • Access to guest speakers in industry
  • Online support

Give the gift of knowledge this holiday season. Order now and receive a robotic arm kit at your doorstep.

Give the gift of health with AgeRate

AgeRate is an at-home blood test for health and longevity insights & mobile app that delivers personalized health coaching.

It works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Get tested – AgeRate sends you a sample collection device with registration instructions. Simple prick your finger and provide a small amount of blood.
  2. Decode your age – Send your kit back to the lab and get a detailed report on how well your cells are functioning. Reveal your biological age so you can take control of your aging.
  3. Improve your quality of life – Receive personalized recommendations and lifestyle programs that change as you improve so you can turn back your cellular clock.

Defy aging and rewind the internal clock with AgeRate this holiday season.

Give the gift of comfort with Senso Minds

Did you know the mouth is one of the most sensory parts of the body? This also makes it the most effective way to regulate our behavior, and the behavior of our children with sensory processing issues. Sensory tools such as chewable necklaces are effective for children who are orally defensive and fussy eaters.

Senso Minds is dedicated to designing & developing high quality oral motor toys for toddlers and children alike.

Senso Minds is developing a line of sensory products for children affected by sensory processing disorder (SPD) – a condition that prevents the brain from receiving, interpreting and responding to environmental stimuli. These products maximize sensory stimulation and integrate into everyday life, allowing children to participate in and enjoy daily activities.

Purchase the flagship chew necklace, teething tubes, or eating and drinkware today and give the gift of comfort to a loved one.

Other Companies to Support:

AdMass – BrandBucks app available now on Play Store and App Store

AiEndurance – Set your personalized training goals today

Fleeky – Discover, browse and book beauty services nearby

ImaginAble Solutions – Pre-order Guided Hands to assist with limited fine motor skills

Lytec – Purchase Cloudi, a handmade smart lamp

Nix Color SensorColour sensors matched to your needs

Prep’d Fresh – Healthy, ready-to-eat meals delivered weekly

Rockstar Bingo – Host music bingo games with ease