Five Cutting-Edge Companies Join The Forge Business Incubator

May 23, 2023

The Forge is thrilled to welcome five exciting and forward-thinking companies to our Business Incubator. These game-changers are poised to disrupt industries, challenge conventions, and reshape the world as we know it.

ZheroTax Inc., Emmoni, NanoRial Technologies Ltd., Hyon Software Inc., and Wavesimplix Technologies are at the forefront of innovation, propelling us into a new era of possibilities. As they forge ahead – pun intended – fueled by their audacious visions and unwavering determination, we’re looking forward to supporting their journey and the impact they will make. Get ready for the achievements and groundbreaking advancements that lie ahead as these companies pave the way for a brighter, more innovative future.

Let’s take a closer look our newest companies and the transformative technologies they are introducing!

ZheroTax Inc.

Every year billions of dollars of tax are incorrectly assessed by tax agencies around the world. Most people have no idea how to determine whether they should appeal and usually just accept the assessment rather than spend the money on a tax professional for advice. ZheroTax is a marketplace of tax professionals who give taxpayers a free consultation on their chances of success at appeals and will take the appeal on contingency for a percentage of the tax saved.


Storing and transporting materials such as reagents and biologicals can be a challenging and expensive process, often requiring energy-intensive cold-chain systems. Emmoni has developed a patent pending technology named PAVA96 to address this challenge. By enabling material storage in highly stable non-reactive environments, PAVA96 promotes material preservation and reduces the dependence on cold-chain systems. With this technology, we aim to make material handling more sustainable, accessible, efficient, and cost-effective.

NanoRial Technologies Ltd.

NanoRial is enabling next generation products and materials—from faster charging batteries, to longer & lighter wind turbine blades—through its patented technology and carbon nanotube (CNT) based additives.

Hyon Software Inc

Today, large organizations make capital asset purchase and disposal choices often without a framework for decision-making. This leaves facilities teams lacking the transparency to understand what they have and how to optimize the use of assets such as furniture, small equipment and building materials. Hyon helps large organizations quickly embrace the circular economy by making it easy to compare and calculate both the financial and environmental opportunities for activities such as asset redistribution, storage, disposal and new purchases.

Wavesimplix Technologies         

Molecular sensing is integral to the development of pharmaceuticals and biomaterials but is often expensive and slow. Wavesimplix is developing a patent pending optical biomaterial to simplify the detection and characterization of molecular binding events which leverages existing infrastructure to provide unique data signals, with decreased experimental troubleshooting, all within the researcher’s own lab.