secures investment from Silicon Valley’s Jason Calacanis to streamline healthcare delivery

March 5, 2024 team photo

medX Insight is revolutionizing healthcare services, integrating to place patient care at the forefront.

By streamlining and minimizing administrative burdens that detract from patient care, medX Insight is saving physician’s time, enabling access to care, and reducing the burden on healthcare providers and patients across the board.

medX Insight’s flagship product is experiencing rapid growth and uptake amongst healthcare practitioners.

With an investment from Jason Calacanis, a Silicon Valley investor known for his early backing of Uber, and Venture Capital fund, medX Insight is poised to revolutionize the way healthcare providers manage medical documentation in Canada and the USA.

Shreyas Suri, CEO and Co-Founder of medX Insight, and his team saw the unnecessary strain placed on the healthcare system by automatable administrative tasks first-hand. This platform arrives at a time when alleviating that burden has never been more important.

“The software helps physicians cut down time spent on charting and administrative tasks so physicians can spend more time in front of their patients” says Suri.

medX Insight uses technology to streamline medical documentation and charting processes. The process is straightforward and intuitive to adapt to.

Doctors turn on the system at the beginning of a patient visit to capture the conversation and use the platform to automatically create structured medical notes in an encrypted and secure manner.

Clinicians then review the drafted charts and are then easily integrated into any EMR system of choice. medX Insight’s approach cuts medical charting time by half and doubles the speed of closing charts, offering a practical solution to one of healthcare’s most pressing inefficiencies.

“We focus on helping practitioners automate their administrative burden through digitization, simplifying the charting and documentation process. What this means is that practitioners who use our platform are able to leverage our AI technology to help enhance their day-to-day workflows and automate the process of creating medical charts and documentation, in a way that is highly accurate, and intuitive. Through our product, we’re able to give doctors back more time in their day, and we help them stay more engaged with their patients,” said Suri.

The development and expansion of medX Insight is supported by The Forge at McMaster University and a network of strategic partners including, Digital Medicine Society, Innovation Factory, the Clinic, and Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. These partnerships, along with the recent participation in Ripple Ventures’ accelerator program, highlight the demand for medX Insight’s solutions. With the platform experiencing rapid growth and moving from a closed, invite-only phase to addressing a significant demand, medX Insight is growing across North America.

“We work with practitioners across Canada and now in the USA. We had a closed, invite-only platform rollout that gained incredible traction and response. The demand is incredible, and we are scaling to meet it,” said Suri.

Suri and his collaborators are a diverse group of students from McMaster University and other contributors eagerly shaping and correcting the world of healthcare.

Streamlining and modernizing dated practices to facilitate access to care and remove unnecessary burdens on providers.

“Our team comes from a range of backgrounds including health sciences, engineering, commerce, and more. We have the privilege of being able to combine our complementary skills to push things forward, and see a real-world impact,” said Suri. “And at the same time, we’ve got a wealth of key advisors across many different industries including clinicians, engineers, and machine learning experts, and this diversity in experience has helped take those aspects forward,” he added.

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