Auper Motorcycles and Invest Rio Formally Announce Partnership to Bring Auper Motorcycles and R$2.5b of business to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July 10, 2023

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 28th June 2023 – Auper Motorcycles and Invest Rio are excited to announce their strategic alliance at the Collision Conference in Toronto. This partnership aims to introduce Auper Motorcycles, a Canadian-based electric motorcycle company, to the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

With strong founding roots in Brazil, Auper is revolutionizing the concept of electric motorcycles, redefining the way they are built and ridden. The company’s inaugural model, the Auper InCity, is part of a connected vehicle series and offers a comprehensive set of features designed to address the specific challenges faced by Brazilian motorcycle owners, including safety and security concerns and remain incredibly affordable. Auper Motorcycles has quickly gained momentum in the Electric Mobility industry and has captured attention with the stunning designs of their motorcycles.

Moreover, these features present a remarkable opportunity for fleet managers, corporations, and smart cities to demonstrate their commitment to reducing environmental impact, align with Sustainable Development Goals, and simultaneously enhance fleet management efficiency while reducing maintenance costs.

Silvio Rotilli Filho, CEO of Auper, expressed his excitement, stating, “When tasked with creating an electric motorcycle that meets today’s needs using cutting-edge technology, we started from scratch. By combining North American research and development with Brazilian talent, we are truly establishing an exceptional company.”

Through collaboration with Invest Rio and the Brazilian Government, Over the next 5 years, Auper intends to bring R$2.5b of business to the country, establish a state-of-the-art 10,000 square metre manufacturing facility, and work to further the EV charging infrastructure in Rio. This initiative will generate a minimum of 750 skilled jobs and further solidify the region’s dedication to expanding employment opportunities in the technology and sustainability sectors. Additionally, Auper aims to establish formal partnerships with major international industry leaders within the next few months, leveraging the abundance of talent and promising dialogues already taking place in the region.

Alexandre Vermeulen, CEO of Invest Rio, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This partnership strengthens the relationship between Brazil and Canada while harnessing the incredible talent and advanced technological capabilities of both countries. We are thrilled to bring this advanced technology back to Brazil, specifically to Rio.”

Auper is actively seeking collaborations with Brazilian corporations, municipalities, and organizations that possess motorcycle fleets and are currently evaluating their sustainability and environmental impact. This presents an ideal opportunity for interested parties to engage with Auper Motorcycles.

Through this partnership, both organizations will work closely together to identify key locations and cultivate relationships that will expedite the launch of the Auper InCity in the Brazilian market.

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