AgeRate and Heirlume featured in SPARK 2020

November 16, 2020

The Forge alumni, AgeRate and Heirlume were featured in SPARK 2020, the Accelerator Centre (AC) Jumpstart Showcase event. The showcase aims to spotlight southern Ontario’s thriving startup scene and the brilliant minds behind some of Ontario’s most innovative startups. AgeRate measures and compares a person’s biological age and chronological age by examining DNA-methylation patterns, encouraging people to make healthy lifestyle choices to slow the aging process. Heirlume has innovated the trademark registration process by empowering business owners to search and file their own trademarks quickly and affordably to a professional standard. Unio was also one of the featured startups, co-founded by Nick Scozzaro and Jason Musyj (the co-founders of The Forge alumnus Mobistream). ‍

SPARK 2020 will run from November 16 to December 18, 2020. The event premiered during Global Entrepreneurship Week featuring AC JumpStart recipients, from cohorts 11-14 of the AC JumpStart program and highlighted the real-life inspirations that drove them to innovate through uncertain times.

To read more about the event and the startups featured, visit the Accelerator Centre website here.