VoxNeuro Announces Significant Milestones on its Mission to Become “The Brain Company”

March 30, 2022

The Forge client VoxNeuro Inc. has met three significant developments recently. The Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) brain health company that analyzes brain-based biomarkers to assess cognitive function has announced a number of significant developments including: (i) receipt of US patent 11278230 entitled “Systems and methods for cognitive health assessment” which provides protection for VoxNeuro’s competitive advantage (specific EEG-based neuropsychological assessments that generate event-related potentials associated with key cognitive functions, and the output of a cognitive health report), (ii) the establishment of a US-based expert clinical study program to assist in expanding VoxNeuro’s product offerings across a range of neurological pathologies, and (iii) the retainer of a seasoned executive, Jason Flowerday, as Chief Executive Officer.

Read more about these achievements in the Financial Post article published on March 30, 2022.