Summer Academy 2019 Cohort Graduation Celebration

August 14, 2019

Congratulations to Summer Startup Academy Graduates and a big thank you to all of the valued Mentors that have assisted them in growing their businesses. We are so proud of what our students have accomplished and what they continue to accomplish!

The Graduation Celebration on August 14 was a great way to end summer, starting out with pitches and enjoying lunch and networking with our Mentors.



Top teams that pitched:

SKYVOLT: SkyVolt’s mission is to accelerate the transition to zero-emission air travel by designing electric powertrains for aerospace applications. 

OXII LABS: Oxii Labs is building a novel inhaler sensor and software platform to help asthma patients manage their disease and reduce attack risk.

LEXIVALLEY: Lexivalley Inc. offers A.I. education through an interactive robotic platform. In doing so, children become the next generation of A.I. builders and lowers the teaching barrier for educators and parents.•          

ECLIPSE: Eclipse aims to improve driving safety and comfort by blocking glare from bright lights on the windshield. Our device can protect the driver’s view from multiple light sources simultaneously, and keep track of them as they move across the driver’s view.

FASTAN: Timely and accurate urine analysis is critical to the diagnosis of a number of infections. FastAN Solutions delivers a fast, cost-effective, and universal solution to an otherwise time-consuming and expensive problem.       

SENSO MINDS: Senso Minds is developing a line of sensory products for children affected by sensory processing disorder (SPD) – a condition that prevents the brain from receiving, interpreting and responding to environmental stimuli. Our products maximize sensory stimulation and integrate into everyday life, allowing children to participate in and enjoy daily activities.     

RSEARCH: Rsearch Inc. greatly decreases the resources spent for the data collection phase of academic research whilst providing a centralized hub for participants to make quick money.

INFLOW: InFlow provides a cloud-based approach to people counting for facility managers. By harnessing existing security camera infrastructure InFlow is able to provide real-time aggregate data on how facilities are being used by their patrons.    

TBIFINDER: There is currently no way to objectively demonstrate brain damage following mild traumatic brain injury, more commonly known as concussion. Using data analytics, TBIFinder Inc. provides objective imaging assessments, quantifying the presence and severity of a concussion.

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