QReserve offers unlimited possibilities with sneq

June 15, 2021

On June 15, 2021, The Forge alumnus, QReserve, the scheduling software company, rolled out their new reservation scripting language, called sneq. This new feature will revolutionize the way users manage their resources. The addition of sneq will provide unprecedented options for how resources can be reserved and requested, by providing an option to write custom scripts in a language similar to Python, one of the most widely used programming languages worldwide. QReserve scripts written in sneq gives users the ability to define complex, finely-tuned access rules beyond those already available in QReserve for endless possibilities. QReserve provides smart scheduling solutions for businesses with customers in the life sciences, research, government, entertainment, property, and space management sectors.

Current users are utilizing sneq to solve their problems around everyday scheduling, as is seen in the examples below:

QReserve includes a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) built right into QReserve for users to write sneq scripts, including error handling, syntax advice, and testing. The IDE provides hints for parsing and detailed crash reporting, along with a reservation or request tester so that users can immediately evaluate scripts for the correct behavior.

“The development of our reservation scripting language is a major advancement for QReserve and a significant differentiator against the competition,” said Brandon Aubie, co-founder and CEO of QReserve.

“With no practical limits on the types of booking rules our customers can implement, we have removed the barrier to smarter electronic scheduling for millions of resource managers that need to ensure their unique processes, policies and workflows can be accommodated,” said Graeme Brown, co-founder and CSO of QReserve.

“QReserve provides organizations of all sizes with a smart, turnkey scheduling platform that can embed in an organization’s website and deliver a structured, secure, convenient, and user-friendly experience for both internal and external customers who are looking to reserve and transact online,” explained Brown. “We’re very excited about this achievement and how our software is helping organizations around the world!”

To view QReserve’s full press release visit QReserve just flipped the script: Unlimited possibilities with Reservation Scripts, published on June 15, 2021.

To find out more about sneq, visit the QReserve Developer Documentation site.