QReserve Launches Property Management Platform

April 28, 2021

On April 28, QReserve Inc., The Forge alumnus, launched a Property Management platform targeted at property managers, tenants and staff for online amenity scheduling, service request workflows, and shared workspace management. In addition, the solution helps property managers enforce covid-19 restrictions such as contact tracing capabilities and enforcing social distancing practises.

The full press release can be found on QReserve’s website, published on April 26, 2021.



QReserve Launches New Property Management Platform For Seamless Online Scheduling

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – April 28, 2021: Around the world, property managers are being asked to implement a multitude of new processes and measures due to Covid-19, including contact tracing, pre-booked and controlled amenity access, and virtual interactions.

With the new safety measures in place at properties and workplaces, the $1.7B Property Management Software market is set for even faster expansion. QReserve Inc., a scheduling and facility management software company, has launched its new Property Management platform –  a solution that modernizes and simplifies scheduling and management for property managers, tenants and staff through online amenity scheduling, service request workflows, and shared workspace management.

A recent ESG survey found that 36% of workers who were concerned about their health and safety would still like to return to the office in some capacity. While originally focusing on the complex scheduling and management requirements of research and higher education institutions, QReserve has expanded to serve many different industries.

Whether it’s scheduling a gym session, requesting a parking space or reserving a party room, property managers can now offer an online platform for users to book or request shared resources via smartphone, computer, tablet or booking kiosk – a practice becoming increasingly commonplace and necessary in the post-Covid world.

QReserve’s new Property Management platform has the ability to:

  • Discover and schedule available amenities
  • Submit requests for services i.e. maintenance request
  • Contact trace
  • Set user access rules
  • Enforce check-in/out of spaces
  • Track capacity and usage via smart sensors
  • Understand usage and activity data
  • Invoice for usage and services, and collect fees

“We recognized the power of QReserve’s software to meet the requirements property managers needed in residential and commercial spaces, so we created our Property Management platform – providing what has become essential user-friendly solutions for today, while enabling a responsibly constructed and connected future” says QReserve’s CSO and co-founder, Graeme Brown.

“We see that providing building owners, residents and tenants with tools to manage the use of shared resources and spaces, and making that data easily accessible, accurate and usable by authorized users, will unlock significant value for our customers, and exciting avenues of growth for QReserve.”

McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) is Canada’s premier research park located in Ontario, Canada offering collaborative spaces for startups, businesses, and research. “MIP has an increasingly important role in fostering entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive in the technology and life sciences sectors. QReserve is a great example of a company spun out of McMaster University to solve a problem in the specific market of research lab management, and then expanded into larger global markets by solving new but related problems – including the multi-purpose spaces and amenities here at MIP.” says MIP’s CEO, Ty Shattuck.

“We are delighted to see QReserve grow and expand into new verticals as they continue to innovate. As a customer ourselves, we continue to see the value in QReserve’s solutions for providing the MIP community with modern, easy-to-use tools for interacting with our spaces and amenities, both online and throughout our buildings,” he added.

The Lawen Group, a property management company in Nova Scotia, Canada, implemented QReserve’s Property Management platform to organize fitness facility access across their properties. “QReserve has allowed resident managers the opportunity to manage amenity spaces without having to be hands-on. It has also allowed them to implement Covid-19 rules where a tenant cannot bypass the system”, says Diane Lawen, Lawen Group’s Digital Media manager.

“This is great data to have. To be able to know what amenities are used most, what hours they are used and by whom, gives us an idea of tenant behavior for each building. This helps management with decisions on hours of operation, changes to amenity spaces, etc. The data provided will help plan out amenity spaces for future developments.”

QReserve’s Property Management platform is available now for residential and commercial properties to implement.


QReserve Inc. provides state-of-the-art solutions for managing and scheduling equipment, spaces, services, and people. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, QReserve works with small to large organizations globally to manage thousands of resource requests and reservations every day from research equipment in universities to fitness facilities in condominiums. QReserve’s intelligent scheduling platform is helping thousands of people access the things they need.