PULSE Lifesaving Top-10 Finalist at Mayday Impact Awards

May 5, 2020

PULSE Lifesaving, The Forge client, was selected as a top-10 finalist at the Mayday Impact Awards PitchFest, debuting at the #AIShowBiz Summit 4.0. The PitchFest is aimed at connecting #TechForGood projects with resources to grow the business. On May 5, PULSE Lifesaving pitched virtually for a chance to win the $100K prize from the Expert DOJO Accelerator in Santa Monica, California. The summit is an exclusive gathering of world-renowned innovators in AI, Entertainment and Emerging Technologies dedicated to positively impacting the planet. Read more.

To read more about PULSE Lifesaving visit their website: https://www.pulselifesaving.com/
To learn more about the #AIShowBiz Summit 4.0 visit: https://www.aishow.biz/