Predict Technologies Launches EduSafe

September 28, 2020

Predict Technologies, the Forge client, officially launched EduSafe, a targeted and strategic solution to COVID-19 screening. EduSafe is a standalone screening tool targeted toward Canadian schools and daycares. is a daily educational screening solution that allows parents, teachers, and administrators to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, before children arrive on campus.

“We realized that the current screening solutions offer little clinical guidance on what is the best-practices for reducing transmission, maintaining symptomatology, and providing daily screening/contact tracing for educators and parents, so we made a decision to develop and launch EduSafe”, said Graham Dobbs co-founder of Predict Technologies.

EduSafe looks to reduce COVID transmission, reduce administrative burden, and improve the daily screening process for educators and daycare custodians under pandemic protocols.

EduSafe was founded in 2020 by McMaster, UofT, and Queen’s University Alumni who have researched and practiced within the full continuum of Canadian healthcare. Their group has spent the last few years researching and consulting in health policy, pharmaco-economics, acute care practicum.

EduSafe uses regionally specific screening guidelines, public contact tracing, and real-time analytics to ensure screening is seamless, simple, and correct for your educational institution.

We look to offer a commercial-ready solution by the end of year 2020.

If you would like to explore how EduSafe can protect your institution, please contact