Longan Vision secures over $1M Head Up Hands-Free Contract

March 17, 2022

Longan Vision, The Forge client developing smart technology for First Responders, has announced that it has secured the Head Up Hands-Free Phase 2 contract award of over $1 Million from Innovation Solutions Canada (ISC), funded by the Department of National Defense (DND).

The contract is for Longan Vision’s innovative efforts in providing a long-term solution that will help Canadian firefighters work in a more Head-Up Hands-Free mode of operation in various conditions including fire operations.

Longan Vision has been working with firefighters across Canada, the United States and Japan for over three years to bring the Fusion Vision System (FVS), a hands-free helmet-mounted thermal imager to the market. The imager uses Augmented Reality to display information to the user, as well as enhanced vision in dark and smoky environments. The imager has been designed to assist firefighters to locate people within a fire quickly and safely.

Innovation Solutions Canada (ISC) is a new Government of Canada innovation procurement program designed to support Canadian small businesses, where participating federal departments and agencies issue challenges designed to seek novel solutions and not commercially available products or services. The challenges issued by federal departments and agencies are designed around desired outcomes rather than known products or process specifications.

“Longan Vision wants to thank the Department of National Defence and Innovation Solutions Canada for entrusting us once more to help bring the future of firefighting closer to realization,” said Enzo Jia, co-founder of Longan Vision.