Innovative startups pitch to investors at The Forge’s Investor Spotlight event

May 31, 2022

The Forge Investor Spotlight (Spring 2022) virtual event held on May 26, 2022, was a smashing success with over 60 one-on-one meetings taking place between early-stage innovative startups from The Forge and McMaster University, with investors or venture capital groups located in North America and Europe.  The investor pitch event gave up-and-coming entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch to numerous investors individually, answer questions about their startup, and receive invaluable advice from investors. The pitch event was the largest Investor Spotlight held by The Forge with 17 investors and 13 startups participating in the event.

Startups that were featured during the event:

  1. AdMass is the fastest way to find brand advocates who help increase sales and grow trust in your company.
  2. AgeRate: At-home blood test for health and longevity insights & mobile app that delivers personalized health coaching.
  3. AIMA Laboratories Inc.: Chronic pelvic pain and period pain affects approximately 148 million people assigned female at birth in North America alone. From onset of symptoms to diagnosis can take between 5 and 12 years. Scientists at AIMA Laboratories have developed a home screening test to provide people with the insight they need to quickly access safe and efficacious treatments. Our test enables people to take control of their pain and live more active and full lives.
  4. Auper Motorcycles Inc.: Motorcycles didn’t change much since their conception, and basic safety features are unavailable or come at a premium price. There is also no solution for the high theft rates, especially in developing countries like Brazil. In Sao Paulo alone, there is one motorcycle stolen every 15 minutes. Auper has created a platform that brings safety and security while still being sustainable, practical, and affordable. Our electric motorcycle has high safety features at an affordable price, our motor is unique and has no magnets, and our proprietary anti-theft system prevents and discourages the motorcycle from being stolen.
  5. Dahlia Health Inc.: At Dahlia Health, we want to provide people who menstruate with a product that targets their problems and meets their needs. We are developing a new menstrual product that combines the familiarity of a tampon with the utility of a menstrual cup. Our reusable product helps insert, remove, and sterilize menstrual cups in an intuitive, simple, and easy way. Users will be provided with a product that is designed to be comfortable, mess-free, cost effective, and a low-waste alternative to single use products.
  6. EarthOne Inc.: Millions of plants die at the hands of their plant owners every year. Limited access to plant knowledge and real-time insights leaves many plant owners helpless when their plants don’t thrive. Luckily, EarthOne has developed a hardware and software solution that collects important health metrics and delivers them to your fingertips. Simply plug it in to your plant to get started!
  7. In Charge Inc.: In Charge builds prospect tools to enhance the engagement processes by efficiently gathering data and providing insights to both experts and users.
  8. KitchenFuel: KitchenFuel is a meal prep software that integrates all aspects of the supply chain to create a seamless management experience for owners, simplifying all non-cooking business essentials through its innovative web platform, enabling anyone to be an owner.
  9. Kultura Diagnostics, Inc.: More than 1 in 3 individuals have some type of gluten disorder and only 10% know they have it. Kultura Diagnostics provides an integrated easy-to-use suite of innovative technologies to diagnose and manage gluten disorders including celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy and more. Our solutions provide an easily accessible way to diagnose, a portable way to monitor, and a continuous way to manage, gluten disorders.
  10. Longan Vision Corp.: Longan Vision is a company that focuses on developing smart goggles to improve work experience and efficiency. Currently, they are developing the Fusion Vision System [FVS]. This is an Augmented Reality Smart Visor System that can be attached to the firefighter helmet to enhance vision and information-sharing abilities that allow firefighters to see through smoke, locate victims and find fire sources.
  11. Parapixel: Parapixel is re-envisioning digital pathology through conversational multi-modal AI analytics. We address real-world problems that are defined by actual pathologists using multi-modal learning, where information from multiple sources is used to improve diagnosis.
  12. PROVA Innovations Ltd.: PROVA Innovations Ltd. is a medical technology company, headquartered in Ontario, Canada. We specialize in wearable technology solutions for in-home GAIT training and rehabilitation. Our focus is to help patients with osteoarthritis regain mobility and function throughout all stages of the disease.
  13. Tenomix: At Tenomix, our mission is to develop novel technologies that target inefficiencies in the pathology workflow; thus enabling clinicians to make better-informed treatment decisions and provide the highest standard of patient care while reducing overall costs for healthcare systems.

Investors included:

  1. 2048 Ventures
  2. Amplify Capital
  3. Angel One Investor Network
  4. Archangel Network of Funds
  5. Bay Area Health Trust
  6. Cortex Design (Cortex Ventures)
  7. Framework Venture Partners
  8. Front Row Ventures
  9. Good News Ventures
  10. Graphite Ventures
  11. GreenSky Capital
  12. Maple Leaf Angels
  13. Monozukuri Ventures
  14. NorthSpring Capital
  15. RiSC Capital
  16. Rogue Insight Capital Ltd.
  17. Toyota Tsusho Canada