Breaking the Bias: The other baby

March 10, 2022

You can have two ‘babies’ – your tech startup and a human

This week with International Womens’ Day and the theme #breakthebias, I have been reflecting on raising two ‘babies’ – my business that’s still in infancy, and an actual human baby due in 3 months.

Women entrepreneurs are on the rise by 30%. And, research shows that this is a good thing, providing an estimated potential of $150 billion GDP in economic gain (link). Yet, women still have the biological obligation with pregnancy and birth to start a family. Is a tech startup CEO congruent with a pregnant or new mom or do we still have a bias on what this looks like? Read more.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE in TechTO, authored by Jayla Pearce, CEO and Co-Founder of vstudio, The Forge client.