Bay Area Health Trust Invests in VoxNeuro

October 29, 2020

Bay Area Health Trust announced their investment in VoxNeuro’s latest funding round to support The Forge alumnus’ national expansion. VoxNeuro has developed cutting-edge cognitive assessment neurotechnology, which uses objective, quantifiable neurophysiological data to inform healthcare providers and patients with the specifics of various cognitive brain functions. Bay Area Health Trust is a Hamilton-based company that operates businesses in the life sciences and seeks strategic opportunities in new technologies in the health and life science fields.

VoxNeuro has been dubbed one of Hamilton’s “startups to watch” from leaders across the industry. For Bay Area Health Trust, whose goal is to return value to its beneficiaries including Hamilton Health Sciences, the investment in VoxNeuro will extend well beyond the region, benefitting the health care systems across Canada.

“Three years ago, our team chose to start VoxNeuro in Hamilton due to our ties to McMaster University and the draw of the strong local healthcare ecosystem,” said James Connolly, CEO of VoxNeuro. “Bay Area Health Trust is an integral investor in this region’s life sciences community, connecting hospital networks and innovative technology. We’re thrilled to have them in our corner.”

“VoxNeuro represents all that is right about the Hamilton life science cluster of companies and institutions and as a part of that, Bay Area Health Trust is excited to support them both financially and through our network,” said Peter Kalra, President and CEO of Bay Area Health Trust.

About Bay Area Health Trust
At the intersection of health, life sciences and business, Bay Area Health Trust is an example of a successful partnership between hospitals and the for-profit private sector. Operating life science businesses with the goal of returning value to its beneficiaries, Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation and McMaster University, Bay Area Health Trust promotes entrepreneurship and invests in growth-oriented businesses to support patient care.

About VoxNeuro
Founded on the world-renowned research of VoxNeuro’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. John F. Connolly, VoxNeuro is headquartered at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, ON, Canada. The work behind VoxNeuro’s breakthrough Cognitive Health Assessments™ has been documented in over 300 peer-reviewed publications and has been supported by funding agencies across the world for almost 40 years. VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ help healthcare professionals streamline individualized cognitive rehabilitation and training plans, and unlock the full potential of brain performance.

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