Boardball is a more accessible version of volleyball, and a new favourite summer sport

Playing Boardball on the beach

Founder Amanda Nguyen designed Boardball so everyone can play volleyball anytime, anywhere. Beach volleyball players know the frustration of jockeying for a spot in line to get to a net on a beautiful summer day. A favourite pastime of beach sports, organizing a volleyball game can be a hassle. Eleven friends are needed and so is access to a net and a court. Boardball helps to lower these barriers…

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Five Forge Companies to Support Over the Holidays

The Forge Holiday Gift Guide

With the Holiday season fast approaching, it’s never too late to support small businesses in your own community. To make your shopping easier, we’ve put together a list of small businesses that just might have the perfect gift for that special someone on your list. Give the gift of warmth with Toques from the Heart Toques from the Heart is a social enterprise with the mission to keep Canadians…

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The Forge welcomes the Business Incubator program May Cohort

Welcome The Forge Business Incubator Startups

On May 3, The Forge welcomed five novel and scalable startups to the Business Incubator program: Walkii, Admass, Tenomix, Boardball and Celerite Labs. The program is a limited-enrollment program for early-stage startups, whose founders are past the business idea stage and have launched their startup to the market or have a prototype. The Forge expert mentors and staff will work with the startups to assist them grow, develop, and…

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