The Forge held its sixth annual Student Startup Competition virtually on March 30, 2020, bringing together 12 finalists pitching to a panel of esteemed judges, each one showcasing a unique and innovative tech-based business idea or early stage startup. Each year, The Forge pitch competition awards up to $100,000 in cash prizes as well as a guaranteed spot in The Forge Summer Startup Academy.

Andrew “Doren” Singh, Founder of Pharmasonica is the recipient of the Engineering SummerTech Fellowship for the 2020 Student Startup Competition. Doren will receive a cash prize of $15,000, generously sponsored by the Faculty of Engineering (McMaster University). Doren is currently a Chemical Engineering PhD Student and will be joining The Forge Summer Academy in May.

About Pharmasonica

Pharmasonica is a medical device that utilizes ultrasound to trigger drug release resulting in improved treatment efficacy, reduced side-effects, and reduced visits to a specialist. Pharmasonica provides clinicians with enhanced control over a patient’s treatment while providing patients with a significantly higher standard of care.

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