VoxNeuro releases software as a medical device in the United States

VoxNeuro US flag

VoxNeuro, The Forge alumnus, has announced the release of their software as a medical device, the Cognitive Health Assessment Management Platform™ (CHAMP), as they pave their way to the US market. VoxNeuro is backed by more than 30 years of peer-reviewed scientific research, the neurotechnology scores multiple core cognitive functions to support proactive brain health, informed clinical decision-making and customized care. With successful registration with the FDA as a…

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Announcing our 10 Startup Survivor Challengers

Startup Survivor Challengers Announced

The Forge, a business incubator funded by McMaster University, has announced that 10 McMaster student led startups have been selected to participate in The Forge Startup Survivor: Summer Program and Pitch Competition. The inaugural Startup Survivor program is aimed at McMaster students and recent alumni with novel and scalable business ideas. The Summer program will run from May till August, 2021 and will culminate with a pitch competition in…

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The Forge welcomes the Business Incubator program May Cohort

Welcome The Forge Business Incubator Startups

On May 3, The Forge welcomed five novel and scalable startups to the Business Incubator program: Walkii, Admass, Tenomix, Boardball and Celerite Labs. The program is a limited-enrollment program for early-stage startups, whose founders are past the business idea stage and have launched their startup to the market or have a prototype. The Forge expert mentors and staff will work with the startups to assist them grow, develop, and…

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BDATA and Advantech announce a strategic partnership

BDATA partners with Advantech

On April 30, BDATA, The Forge alumnus, and Advantech have announced a strategic partnership to provide blockchain-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) security solutions. BDATA offers blockchain-driven secure, immutable, and auditable data streaming technology. Advantech is a leader in industrial Internet of Things (IoT) edge systems. The original article can be found on Marketwatch, published on April 26, 2021. BDATA and Advantech have announced a strategic partnership to promote and…

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Study confirms accuracy of Zentrela’s neurotechnology

Study confirms the accuracy of Zentrela’s neurotechnology

On April 6, an independent, blind study was released confirming that Zentrela’s cutting-edge “Cognalyzer®” neurotechnology accurately detects and quantifies actual cannabis psychoactive effects, and unlocks the potential for new testing protocols for law enforcement and employers. The Cognalyzer® is a novel electroencephalography (EEG) measurement device and algorithm designed to objectively characterize brainwave alterations associated with cannabis.  The study conducted by KGK Science on behalf of The Forge alumnus Zentrela, was published in…

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Longan Vision gets accepted to T-Mobile Accelerator

Longan Vision Accepted to T-Mobile Accelerator

On April 5, Longan Vision announced that they have been accepted to the 2021 T-Mobile Accelerator Spring Immersive Technology Program which aims to fuel 5G innovation. During the three-month program, Longan Vision and seven other startups selected into the program will work directly with technologists and business leaders at T-Mobile to work on developing forward-thinking innovations in 5G technology from AR wearables to holographic communications, 3D data storytelling, volumetric video…

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Resemble AI launched built-in integration with OpenAI’s GPT-3

Resemble AI integrates with OpenAI's GPT-3

On April 1, Resemble AI launched a new solution on Product Hunt, offering built-in integration with OpenAI‘s GPT-3 that can generate convincing ad copy and conversations instantly. The Forge alumnus, Resemble AI, creates Custom Voices using proprietary deep learning models that can produce realistic speech synthesis. They enable brands, media companies, creative agencies, and gaming companies to clone any voice and create dynamic, iterable, and unique voice content. Open…

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ToeFx won Synapse Life Science Competition

ToeFX wins Synapse Life Science Pitch Competition

On March 24, two Forge alumni, ToeFX and Pharmasonica, took part in the Innovation Factory eighth annual Synapse Life Science Competition Showcase, Ontario’s premier life science pitch competition. ToeFX Inc. manufactures the ClearToe Therapy Light, the only photodisinfection technology approved by Health Canada for the treatment of onychomycosis (toenail fungus).Pharmasonica is an early-stage biomedical start-up developing an ultrasound-triggered drug delivery platform to increase the efficacy and decrease the side…

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Magec Tech’s air sanitation lamp may eliminate Covid-19 virus indoors

Magec Tech’s air sanitation lamp

On March 14, Magec Tech was featured in SooToday.com for its Magec Air 500 air sanitation lamp, designed to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria before entering a person’s body. The Forge alumnus is a Canadian lighting manufacturing company located in Kitchener Waterloo producing motion activated overhead lighting systems that combine far-UVC and visible light to disinfect indoor spaces when people are present. If the air sanitation lamp is installed…

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2unify, BData, Imaginable Solutions, & HyIvy Health were accepted to Collision

Congrats on being accepted to Collision

The Forge is thrilled to announce that four of our clients, 2unify, B Data Solutions (BData), Imaginable Solutions, and HyIvy Health have been selected to participate in North America’s fastest-growing tech conference, Collision, on April 20-22, 2021. Collision brings together Fortune 500 companies, ground-breaking startups and world-class speakers. All the founders had the opportunity to apply for PITCH competition, 40 Words competition, and mentor hours. HyIvy Health has been shortlisted for…

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