Longan Vision Launches Pilot in Japan

Longan Vision, firefighter with FVS

Longan Vision, The Forge client, launched a pilot with their Japanese partner Morita Holdings Corporation in Iga, Japan, for their latest Fusion Vision System (FVS) an augmented-reality (AR) visor with thermal imaging. The visor can be attached to a variety of styles of firefighter helmets for enhanced vision in low to no-light or smoke-filled environments. The visor also features an easy-to-read heads-up display (HUD) giving users the ability to…

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The Forge Partners with NeuronicWorks

The Forge and NeuronicWorks partnering to assist startups

The Forge has announced a partnership with NeuronicWorks Inc., a leading engineering and technology design firm, to accelerate the growth and expansion of emerging businesses in the Canadian market by offering focused mentoring and product design consulting services. NeuronicWorks is one of the top engineering design houses in the heart of Canada’s leading tech community, focused on helping companies develop innovative engineering solutions for their businesses and new products…

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PULSE develops augmented reality first aid training with Mohawk

Pulse partners with Mohawk College and receives Mitacs funding

On April 1, PULSE Lifesaving (PULSE) announced an applied research collaboration with Mohawk College poised to transform how Canadians receive first aid training. PULSE is an educational technology company and accredited lifesaving and first aid training provider developing innovative new ways to train a workforce remotely using augmented reality. The partnership will accelerate the development of a functional AR prototype, with a planned beta version launch of the AR…

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B Data Solutions and TELUS Collaboration

B Data Solutions Inc. Collaborates With TELUS

The Forge client B Data Solutions Inc. is collaborating with Telus to implement connectivity of IoT devices using BDATA-Blockchain on TELUS 4G/5G network in Canada. This provides password-less highly secure and desirable Intelligent Plant Management System (IPMS®) as an Industry 4.0 platform to Process Industries. The current IoT devices are connected through traditional VPN and private IP addresses, such connections are at risk of device hijacking, data breach, and…

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