Longan Vision pilot tests in North Carolina

Longan Vision pilot tests in North Carolina

Longan Vision, The Forge client, put their latest Fusion Vision System (FVS) augmented reality (AR) visor with thermal imaging to the test at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, North Carolina in December 2021. The pilot provided the opportunity for MCAS Cherry Point firefighters to try out the cutting-edge technology and Longan Vision to further test their gear within a real-life setting. Firefighters got firsthand experience using the FVS latest technology, helping them gain increased situational awareness within dimly lit and smoky environments.

The FVS visor can be attached to a variety of styles of firefighter helmets for enhanced vision in low to no-light or smoke-filled environments. Featuring an easy-to-read heads-up display (HUD) gives users the ability to see through smoke, examine the structure of a building, locate team members and victims, and check for fire sources.

In July 2021 the startup ran their first pilot test with their upgraded FVS in Lambton College Fire School in Sarnia, Ontario. The innovative FVS system was also tested internationally in November 2021, with a pilot in Iga, Japan, with their Japanese partner Morita Holdings Corporation.

“These field tests are valuable opportunities for Longan Vision to collaborate with Firefighters, not only in Canada but internationally, giving us the opportunity to constantly improve our FVS based on differing needs,” explained Enzo Jia, co-founder and CEO of Longan Vision. “We hope that giving firefighters additional gear to be able to see their surroundings within a smoke-filled structure will help them locate victims faster and keep firefighters safe. We appreciate all the feedback we received from the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina”

View images from the pilot at Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina.

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