Announcing the Startup Survivor Pitch Competition Finalists!

Four months ago, Startup Survivor began with 10 challengers proving they have what it takes to turn their ideas into a successful startup. Fueled by their grit and resilience during the summer, these entrepreneurs have secured the top scores after months of hard-fought battle defining their business problem, working hands-on with future customers, prototyping, and much, much more.

Only FIVE startups remain.

Watch the action unfold as the top five startups of the Startup Survivor Summer Program will pitch for cash prizes toward their ventures in The Forge Startup Survivor Pitch Competition on October 7. Head over to our Eventbrite page to RSVP today!



Dahlia Health – Christopher Juman & Bindi Mehta

Let’s face it, most period products suck. Sure they do the job, but when it really comes down to it, it’s tough to find the perfect product that checks all of our boxes. All flows are different. We know how frustrating it can be for people with light flows who struggle to find light flow products and our heavy flow pals who burn through copious amounts of pads and tampons per period. And to top it off, the products themselves aren’t always super comfortable.

At Dahlia, we are committed to changing that. We believe that ALL people who menstruate of all ages deserve to have a product that is comfortable, cost-friendly, environmentally friendly and most of all, compatible for your unique body. That is why we are focused on designing a period product that is built by the users for the users. A product that is designed to touch on all the things that matter and return the power and control of your menstrual health to you.

Dahlia Links: Instagram | Facebook | Website

Grounded – Gurkeerat Gill

Grounded aims to bridge the gap between everyday consumers and sustainable brands through an online marketplace. Our goal is to address the main pain points of the consumer: price, time, and fear greenwashing. This is done by vetting the brands on our site to ensure that they are sustainable and providing them at a lower price point to make it accessible for consumers. This will allow brands to access a new demographic of shoppers that otherwise would not have purchased from them and increase their sales. The goal is to provide value for all parties involved such as the consumers, the brands and Grounded as well!

Grounded Links: Instagram | Facebook | Website

Kinisi Technologies – Michelle Ragany, Nazli Bostandoust & Edelstein Ruben Junior Biack Mbombe

Kinisi Technologies is a posture tracking wearable device that provides posture-performance analytics for athletes, specifically rowers at this stage. As Kinisi Technologies, we aim to help rowers maintain proper posture during their training and boost their power using our technology. The athlete will use a wearable device to capture and store their posture called Cox’On. The Kinisi Technologies application will be used to set up their workout, and review analytics post training.

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Phosphosens – Vinay Patel

We at Phosphosens believe that better monitoring systems are needed to make safe water available to masses. Efficient water quality monitoring systems will assist to reduce the risks for water and wastewater ecosystem which is already under a huge stress due to increasing population and water usage. We are a company developing water quality monitoring systems in partnership with OEMs to bring these solutions to wastewater treatment plants. We are currently focusing on developing a phosphorus monitoring system.

Phosphosens Links: LinkedIn| Website

Protagonist Health – Pallavi Dutta

Protagonist Health is a company led by women, for women who are at risk of developing chronic conditions. We are building a digital health platform that takes a research- and datadriven approach to provide personalized behaviour feedback to women with the aim of helping them implement lifestyle changes to decrease their risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Our ultimate goal at Protagonist Health is to empower women to take ownership of their health journey by helping them be the heroes of their own health.

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