Longan Vision launches testing program

Longan Vision - visor

On August 3, 2021, Longan Vision, a Forge client, launched a Pilot Test program for their latest Fusion Vision System (FVS) an augmented-reality (AR) visor with thermal imaging. The visor can be attached to a variety of styles of firefighter helmets for enhanced vision in low to no-light or smoke-filled environments. The visor also features an easy-to-read heads-up display (HUD) giving users the ability to see through smoke, examine the structure of a building, locate team members and victims, and check for fire sources.

In July, the startup ran their first pilot test with their upgraded FVS in Lambton College Fire School in Sarnia, Ontario, for early field testing. Firefighters got firsthand experience using the FVS latest technology, helping them gain an increased situational awareness within the structure and in relation to other people within the smoky environment.

Currently, Longan Vision is looking for firefighters across North America to participate in the pilot testing program, where the participants will get to wear the innovative FVS visor on their helmet during training or real-world scenarios. Applications to the program are being accepted till December 2021, through Longan Vision’s website.

“This pilot was a big milestone for us, we really appreciate Lambton Fire school helping us setting up this simulate the burning environment,” said Enzo Jia, CEO and co-founder at Longan Vision. “With all the data and footage collected during the test, we are one step close to our final product.”

Longan Vision was founded in May, 2018 by a group of graduate and undergraduate engineering students from McMaster University. They launched and grew their startup after winning The Forge’s prestigious Student Startup Competition, a pitch competition that awarded them with a spot in The Forge’s student summer innovation program where they were able to develop and grow their startup with the support of expert mentors and an ecosystem of founders. The competition also awarded them with cash toward their startup and the McMaster University’s Department of Engineering Summer Tech Entrepreneurship Fellowship.


Watch the Longan Vision team and firefighters that took part in the pilot at the Lambton College Fire School: