Obie wins 17 awards from G2 & introduces features

Obie- The Forge alumni - People clapping

On July 12, 2021, Obie received 17 more awards from G2 for Summer 2021 and was recognized as a “Leader” in productivity bots software by G2 for Summer 2021.  The Forge Alumnus leverages AI to capture knowledge from silos and deliver answers where questions are asked. G2 is one of the world’s leading tech marketplaces and software review aggregators, that scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks. In the last quarter, Obie’s success has been driven by customer-centric feedback, launching two notable features in June: intelligent content previews (for Confluence and Obie Wiki) and a robust tagging system for their native knowledge formats that accelerates workflows to a new level.

Obie had a strong showing as a Momentum Leader for Summer 2021, with badges in three categories Q&A Platforms, Enterprise Wiki and Productivity Bots.

Obie received the following Summer 2021 G2 awards:

  • Momentum Leader (3 awards)
  • Leader (Productivity Bots)
  • High Performer – Mid-market (3 awards)
  • High Performer (5 awards)
  • Easiest Admin – Enterprise
  • Fastest Implementation – Enterprise
  • Easiest to do Business With – Enterprise
  • Best Estimated ROI – Small Business
  • Easiest Setup – Enterprise

Recently, Obie rolled out two useful new features for its users, “Intelligent Previews” and “Tags.” With Intelligent Previews for Obie Pages and Confluence, Obie will extract the relevant information from the body of the page and return a preview in Slack or the browser extension based on the context of the user’s question.

Tagging has also been added to Obie FAQs and Pages, strengthening search and administrative filtering. When performing a search, Obie will respect all contexts of the FAQ or Page including the question, answer, title, body, and tags. In addition, users are now able to search for existing tags, add a new tag, or choose from Suggested Tags.

Obie has been rated highly by its customers consistently receiving numerous awards by G2 each quarter, read more about their most recent awards received from G2 in Winter 2021 and Spring 2021.

Visit Obie’s website to read more about their innovative products.