The Launch of Rockstar Antics, and the Music Bingo App Taking the World by Storm

Rockstar Antics founder playing drums

Sean Wallbridge, founder of The Forge alumnus Regroove, has launched Rockstar Antics, an entertainment company that empowers businesses to dial up the fun by making game hosting easy using simple apps and proven systems. Regroove has sold their music bingo app Rockstar Bingo to Rockstar Antics and will continue to provide the hospitality industry, entertainers, and unique venues the opportunity to expand their revenue through the fun and engaging app. Rockstar Antics plans to launch the app further within the entertainment world providing radio hosts, DJs, and hospitality venues an innovative way to bring more traffic and keep customers coming back.

Rockstar Bingo was created by Regroove, an innovative startup helping businesses migrate and integrate the cloud into their work setup. Regroove not only specializes in Microsoft 365 and cloud technologies but also dedicates its time to unique projects, creating software and apps that have the potential to offer something truly unique.

Rockstar Bingo was officially born in 2020 and boomed during the pandemic, offering people the chance to connect virtually via a game of music bingo. The app was developed by the founder and “Chief Troublemaker and Cloud Migration Service Consultant,” Sean Wallbridge, developer Matt Longpre, and grew in popularity through the marketing support from Gemma Hughes.

“Rockstar Antics is at the start of a very exciting future,” said Wallbridge. “In addition to Rockstar Bingo, we will offer Shelterball, a new and exciting sports platform offering a fast-paced high cardio indoor version of softball launching this fall.”

Learn more about Rockstar Antics and Regroove on their websites.