AI Endurance Receives Funding and Introduces New Feature To Motivate Athletes

AI Endurance Maintenance Mode

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a slew of races to be cancelled or postponed, leaving athletes to look for ways to stay motivated when their racing calendar becomes a moving target. AI Endurance, The Forge client, has released a new AI optimized “Maintenance Mode” training feature that helps keep athletes motivated and meeting their training goals during the pandemic. Instead of creating a training plan that prepares the user to achieve peak performance on a specific race day, Maintenance Mode works towards preserving the user’s current fitness level so athletes are ready for more serious training when races return. In July, AI Endurance also received funding from Hamilton Business Centre’s Starter Company Plus ($5K) along with mentorship to continue growing their business.

“We’re excited to introduce Maintenance Mode, which gives our users a timely option during the pandemic,” said Markus Rummel, founder and CEO of AI Endurance.

AI Endurance is the AI coach for running, cycling and triathlon training. AI Endurance helps endurance athletes reach their goals by utilizing their training data and a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to provide personalized training regimes.