Longan Vision Adapts Tech to Assist First Responders During COVID-19 Pandemic

Longan Vision Gate Keeper

The Forge client, Longan Vision unveiled “The Gatekeeper”, a device that uses unique thermal imaging technology that will provide first responders the ability to monitor people’s relative body temperature and detect whether a person has an elevated body temperature, while maintaining distance from the person being screened. Longan Vision hopes that the system could be utilized in areas where people need to be screened quickly, including railway stations, ports or airports. Prior to the outbreak, this technology was utilized by first responders to greatly improve their visibility within threatening environments. We are proud of the Longan Vision team for adapting their technology to help workers in the front lines of this pandemic.



Highlights of The Gatekeeper:

  • Utilization of Fusion Vision System (FVS) technology currently being developed for firefights
  • The initial concept is workstation ready, meaning it is plug and play into most PC environments
  • Simple and easy to set up and use
  • Provides an additional resource to assist with the identification of people with elevated temperatures

The initial concept is expected to be ready within weeks. Longan Vision is currently looking to their industry partners and the first responder community for feedback.  For more information on Longan Vision’s website: www.longanvision.com/covid-19-solution