New Business Incubator Cohort Moves In

Welcome new business incubator cohort!

At the beginning of the New Year we welcomed six new companies to the Business Incubator January 2020 Cohort.  These brilliant, innovative startups are setting out to provide unique solutions to modern-day problems, and we are very excited to provide them with key resources and relationships that will help them further their growth and development.  Our new clients include, TrademarkDIY Inc., BData Solutions, Illume Labs, Predict Technologies, and AI Endurance.  We look forward to working with them over the next few months!




  1. Trademark DIY is the first of its kind do-it-yourself trademark registration platform utilizing proprietary technology.
  2. BDATA has developed an intelligent plant management solution, which implements equipment design and operational parameters to provide real-time analytics along with predictive equipment failure. The solution provides real-time data monitoring, design vs operational parameters analytics, predictive equipment failure analytics, equipment revamp analytics, fire detection, and advanced process control.
  3. Illume Labs is developing the world’s most convenient non-invasive bladder sensor to help parents and kids in potty-training.
  4. Predict Tech. leverages patient engagement and clinical best practice to improve the healthcare experience for patient, practitioners, and payers.
  5. AI Endurance helps endurance athletes reach their goals by utilizing their training data and machine learning to provide personalized training.
  6. is a mobile software that helps managers streamline communication, alignment and role clarity in their team.