VoxNeuro Pilot Research Project

VoxNeuro partners with St. Josephs

We are pleased to share that our alumnus VoxNeuro partners with St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton on a pilot study led by Dr. Benicio Frey and Dr. Flavio Kapczinski to identify biomarkers of bipolar disorder, conducted by the Women’s Health Concerns Clinic & Mood Disorders Program at St Joseph’s Hospital. The study will assess whether the brain’s connectivity alterations are associated with illness progression in individuals with bipolar. VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ are being used alongside blood tests and various behavioural and clinical assessments to identify the most effective tools to accurately predict onset, diagnose, inform prognoses and track treatment responses for bipolar disorder.

Kimberly Elliott, COO of VoxNeuro, expressed her enthusiasm and excitement in working within the Hamilton region with a collective group of researchers and healthcare startups:

“We’re looking forward to working closely with St. Joseph’s Healthcare and St. Joe’s Research Institute on this project. It’s a perfect example of the strong opportunities that exist between VoxNeuro, other innovative healthcare startups being built in this region, and the industry leading healthcare teams right here in our own backyard. Spinning our technology out of McMaster University, we’re extremely fortunate to be headquartered in Hamilton – Canada’s leading health sciences research cluster,” says Kimberly Elliott, COO of VoxNeuro.

Should the findings of the pilot study support the suggested hypothesis, a follow-on multi-year longitudinal study will follow in an effort to widen the data, track participants throughout diagnoses & treatment, and assess the accuracy of prognoses.


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