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Getting involved with the Forge@Mac team is a wonderful way to contribute to the entrepreneurship world at McMaster University.

Opportunities Available

Join the 2017-2018 Forge@Mac Executive Team! Applications are CLOSED.

These positions are all volunteer based (non-paid) and you must be a full time undergraduate student at McMaster to be eligible.


Logistics Executive

The Logistics Executive plays a very supportive role to the Program Coordinator. They will be supporting all the programming and planned events throughout the year and will be able to shape what events look like. The goal of this role is to ensure that the programming we are putting on for students is beneficial and effective.

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Communications Executive

The Communications Executive is responsible for leading any social media campaign and outreaching to students through all other online platforms. The goal of this role is to make our resources, information and event updates as accessible as possible. Creativity in this role is highly encouraged!

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Faculty Coordinator

The Faculty Coordinator will lead a group of faculty ambassadors and work with various faculty student groups on campus to increase presence and engagement with students. The goal of this role is to inspire students within each faculty to find a place within entrepreneurship.

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Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator will be in charge of leading a group of individuals that want to volunteer with events and projects. They will be responsible for keeping them engaged, organized and planning social opportunities for them. The goal of this role is to lead and empower McMaster students to be involved with the Forge in any way that they choose to help.

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Research Executive

The research executive will be exploring and learning about the student needs within the field of entrepreneurship. They will research to better understand what is missing in the undergrad experience that can help shape the future of our curriculum, programming and experiential experience for students. The goal of this role is to bring the field of entrepreneurship to the classroom experience and to gather more perspective from the undergraduate population.

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If you have any questions, please email