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The Forge@Mac events are open to any student interested in entrepreneurship, startups and innovation.

All Forge@Mac events are posted in our events calendar and feature socials, lectures, workshops and career fairs. Topics vary, including funding and investment, pitching, and digital marketing. Attending Forge@Mac events can help prepare McMaster University students for our annual Forge@Mac Student Startup Competition that awards McMaster student entrepreneurs with more than $100,000 in cash prizes and automatic entry into one of The Forge’s incubator workspaces.

A sampling of our current events calendar are listed below.


7 September 2016 – The Forge@Mac takes ClubsFest

14 September 2016 – Kickoff Night Featuring Tonia Jahshan, Founder of Steeped Tea

23 September 2016 – Workshop: Business Model Canvas with Tammy Hwang. Introduction to the Next 36.

5 October 2016 – Startup Social  – Student Leadership

26 October 2016 – So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?  The Stages of Success.  Panel Discussion featuring Dr. Stephen Elop, former CEO, Nokia

8 November 2016 – The Stories of Three Healthcare Startups

16 November 2016 – Pitch Workshop

17 November 2016 – Startup Entrepreneur Crawl Hamilton

23 November 2016 – STAND UP and Pitch! Competition


10 January 2017 – Marketing, Branding and Communications with Bronwyn Mondoux, Creative Director and Founder, Cinnamon Toast

18 January 2017 – Workshop for Student Startup Competition – Dr. Jonathan Boulanger, Business Development Manager, The Forge

25 January 2017 – Student Career Fair

1 February 2017 – Meet a Startup Founder (Speaker TBA)

15 February 2017 – The Software Startup (Speaker TBA)

1 March 2017 – Funding and Investment: Financing your Startup (Speaker TBA)

16 March 2017 – Student Startup Social – finalists only

23 March 2017 – Forge@MAC Student Startup Competition