Clinical Sales & Support Manager – Mariner Endosurgery

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Role: Clinical Sales & Support Manager

Location: Hamilton, ON

Job requirements: Ability to travel, must possess a valid G driving license
Education requirements: Undergraduate degree in engineering, life sciences, nursing, business. An advanced degree in the above disciplines is preferred.
Previous work requirements: 2+ years’ experience working in a scientific or medical setting, demonstrated strong team and interpersonal skills.
Role status: Full-time, six month contract.
Compensation: $3,349/mo.

About the role:

This is a fast paced position working with thought leaders in the laparoscopic surgery field. This position is an opportunity to work with an innovative technology that can improve surgical outcomes and restore a patient’s quality of life. It requires a self-starter who can build relationships quickly and can handle a dynamic environment and a changing schedule. An ideal candidate demonstrates the following traits:

• Represents Mariner during surgical procedures to provide troubleshooting and other technical assistance.
• Receives technical inquiries from customers.
• Researches solutions to questions or problems. Educates and trains physicians, hospital personnel and office staff on technical matters relating to Mariner products and related procedures.
• Delivers one-on-one training sessions, in-service education programs, seminars and/or outside symposiums.
• Provides training and resources for hospital staff to enable them to conduct training for their personnel.

About the company:

Founded in 2016, Mariner Endosurgery Inc. develops and commercializes innovative computer assisted medical devices for future-facing laparoscopic surgeries. Their platform LaparoGuard is a novel soft-tissue surgical navigation platform that augments visualization during laparoscopic surgeries, enhancing the safety profile of laparoscopic surgery to assist surgeons in delivering a superior quality of care to their patients.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are asked to supply a one-page cover letter detailing their interest in early-stage companies and outlining how their skills may augment a growing medical device company. In addition, candidates are asked to provide their resume. Both documents require submission in PDF format, and can be emailed to Appropriate candidates will be selected for an in-person interview before March 31st,