Need a New Lunch? Heard of Winged Bean?

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If you’re tired of the same old lunch then you should be excited for what Winged Bean has to offer! Winged Bean is one of our new Forge startups!

The Winged Bean is a meal prep solution for the busy professional.We cook and deliver a whole week worth of meals! Forget grocery shopping, cooking and washing dishes. All that’s left to do is warm it up and enjoy! All our food is plant-based, gluten free and has no refined sugar or preservatives. “Convenient, healthy, delicious and affordable is what you can get if you sign up to get these Winged Bean meals.

Try out a week’s worth of meals at just $5 a pop! Use code ‘Forge5’ at checkout! Sign up by 11:59pm each Thursday to get your meals delivered by Sunday!

Check out their website HERE.