A champion of Entrepreneurship: Justin

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We are all graciously saddened to hear the passing of a wonderful friend, Justin Policarpio, who left us on September 20th due to his long battle with cancer. Justin was a true champion of entrepreneurship in the McMaster and Hamilton community. He was a driving force in creating The Forge and put in so much while he was Manager of Spectrum. He also cofounded Women Entrepreneurship and had a startup on his own.

“He was a great community builder in that way. He had an infectious positive energy, was wise beyond his years, kind and always eager to help other people, was a great listener, and knew how to make great things happen fast. I met with him before he took on the Spectrum role, and you could tell he really “got it” in terms of the bigger picture. He was really keen on partnering and working together with everyone. Beyond the programming he developed that supported startups, he would always find time to support various other initiatives happening around the city, whether it was a Startup Weekend or a new healthtech meetup group.” – Kevin Browne

May he rest in peace and may we always remember him for his incredible spirit, strength, desire to help others and his passion for entrepreneurship in our wonderful city.